Redstart Arts

The Ornithologists

Brookmill Park, Brookmill Road, SE8 4JP

Curated by: Cash Aspeek

Artists: David Quan and Uduehi Imeinwanrin

Brookmill Park is a haven for a wide variety of birds and water fowl. Bird lovers, film makers and photographers come to witness the spectacle. Redstart Arts have created a tribute to the bird life ofthe park with an abundance of paintings and drawings on recycled card board boxes.

Fri 22 Sep – Sun 24 Sep

Opening Event: Thu 21 Sep 18.00–21.00

Wheelchair accessible


Acknowledgements: Friends of Brookmill Park, Glendale, Sebastian Roche

Image credits: Heron, David Quan, Redstart Arts

This project received one of 12 Deptford X Fringe Mini-Bursaries.