Platform 2018

Five emerging artists, five new works in public space.

Introduced in 2016, the Platform programme sits alongside the Fringe at the heart of the festival. Each year 5 emerging artists are invited to produce ambitious new works for public sites around Deptford. The festival installations are a high profile public showcase for the participating artists and for cutting edge contemporary work in public space.

The Platform artists are nominated by a panel of 5 experts — artists, teachers, curators and writers — who each provide 3 names and a statement explaining their selection. After further research and studio visits 5 artists are selected, one from each nominator, on the basis of how the projects will work together, and in relation to specific sites, in the context of the festival.

The programme is intended to provide a group of emerging artists with support at a pivotal moment in their careers. This takes a number of forms: the opportunity to make and present new work; curatorial and operational support; expert feedback, mentoring and networking opportunities.

This year’s nominators were:
Larry Achiampong, Artist
Oreet Ashery, Artist
Bryony Bond, Creative Director of the Tetley, Leeds
Melanie Keen, Director of Iniva
Sarah McCrory, Director of Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art