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A video installation exploring parallels between representations of the urban fox and ‘urban’ youth. Focusing on a lone youngster as he travels through the night, the film poses questions about the boy’s presence, as that which is tolerated and often hidden from consciousness – viewed as menacing, but also shrewd, fearless, and adapted to the environment.

The word urban now has 2 distinct meanings. The first relates to the characteristics of a densely populated town or a city. The second, adopted from the US, denotes popular ‘black culture’. In this context the word often becomes a substitute for ‘black’.

Looking is not a simple task or action. Every artist wants their work to be looked at. Every artist courts the gaze of the viewer. As an artist I am no different. I am interested in the awareness of the ‘gaze’ and the aspect of looking, whether it is by the artist, the camera lens, or the viewer, and the tension that arises from the courtship of the gaze by the subject-artist-lens. This extends into how strategies of disruption can interfere and interrupt the gaze, as well as bring about change. I am also interested in how the outcomes of such actions are then interpreted or misinterpreted. As a result of this approach, the media used have incorporated film, sound, performance, photography, installation and print.

NT works with a range of media including film, sound and performance. Their work currently explores the relationships and interconnectedness of people, place, time and history, as well as the interplay between image, language, gesture and sound, all in an attempt to elicit that which is forgotten, hidden and overlooked.

NT is based in London, and studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (2008-11) and the Royal College of Art (2011-13).

NT was nominated for Platform 2018 by Larry Achiampong (artist).

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