Cléo Tabakian & James Taylor

Moebius Vus

Corner of Achilles Street & Clifton Rise, Fordham Park, SE14 6LU

'Moebius Vus' is a dance piece for wanderings in city parks. Just like Morse codes, dance and music converse with each other with a slight delay, revealing the multitude of ordinary and extraordinary events happenings in the surrounding, sketching invisible threads between scattered elements, bringing together people, objects and irreconcilable architectures.

Caution : Moebius Vus' extended dance movements and sporadic sounds have unexpected ripple effects, influencing from a far distance the city elements: wind, football games, bird trajectories etc.

Choreography: Cléo Tabakian
Performers: Mira Hirtz, Paula Jankowska, Sean Murray, Cléo Tabakian
Composition: James Taylor
Musicians: Theo Finkel, Kc Cheng, James Taylor and  Siddhartha Lethbridge.

Fri 21 Sept 18:15  
Sat & Sun 29 - 30 Sept 17:00

Cléo Tabakian ↗

This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Acknowledgements: Costume Department, Trinity Laban.

Image courtesy of Cléo Tabakian & James Taylor.