Maria de la O Garrido   

Making love with the things I hate

Curated by Gema Darbo

Making love with the things I hate is the first London solo exhibition of Spanish artist Maria de la O Garrido. The exhibition addresses that feeling of powerlessness and precarity when confronted with an accelerated process of profound political, environmental and technological change. Making love with the things I hate interrogates this paradigm shift and acts as a catalyst of personal resistance.

Garrido adopts the visual language of both Dadaist and digital collage, which divides the exhibition into three interwoven thematics: the hegemony of masculine power in politics, the inexorable ubiquity of plastics, and exponential advances in technology. The entire gallery becomes a collage, with the sculptural installations as its composite parts. Sculptural details relay Garrido’s personal experience navigating Spanish and British bureaucracy and expose a sense of ambivalence towards events and conditions that seem beyond our control.

The colourful pixelated caricatures of Spanish politicians in Don’t Get Ill dilutes their power to stereotypical personas in a confrontation with demonstrations of state violence and their ability to blame and cause suffering to citizens. These mini-collages sit alongside (Almost Empty) Plastic Bottles of Whatever’s, a series of floral still-lives that penetrate through plastic cleaning products. These objects are translated from physical pieces to digital image; the resulting hybrid figures fuse the natural and industrial. The plexiglass pedestal of Thanks for that Apple places a more ironic question mark behind our dependency on machines despite their rapid obsolescence in an increasingly digitised world.

Private View | Fri 24 November | 7—9.30 pm

On view | Sat 25 November – Sat 13 January | 24/7

Closing Event  | Fri 12 Jan | 6.30—9 pm | Featuring music from Headweather and Computers in Love

Maria de la O Garrido ( is a visual artist who works across digital image, sculpture, collage, and video. She was born and raised in Spain and moved to England in 2010, where she completed her MA Photography at Central Saint Martins in 2016. Through her practice and research, Garrido confronts the consequences of various global and local issues that are experienced in everyday life.

Gema Darbo is an independent curator based in London. 2012 she founded Widephoto ( an international platform that offers an exchange, learning and debate programme regarding innovative proposals in photography and visual culture. She is currently studying MA Contemporary Photography: Practices and Philosophies at Central Saint Martins.

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