John Kavanagh


Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden,
Reginald Road, SE8 4NS

Curated by: Indivisible Arts

What could pure creativity look like? "An Oak Tree" is a conceptual artwork by Michael Craig-Martin (1973, http.//, consisting of a pristine installation of a glass of water on a glass shelf. OAK-means is an installation where a computer grapples with Craig-Martin's piece, prolifically producing its own unique text-based 'pieces', each based on a set of generated associations. Viewers can participate by moving selected artworks from the floor to the wall.

Mon–Fri 19.00–23.00
Sat 10.00–21.00
Sun 12.00–18.00

Wheelchair accessible

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Acknowledgements: Owen Hodgkinson, the Old Tidemill Garden Gang and Maeve O'Neill

Image credits: John Kavanagh, OAK-means clustering, 2017

This project received one of 12 Deptford X Fringe Mini-Bursaries.