Inland Project

Juggling Lilith's Crumbs

A.P.T (Art in Perpetuity Trust), 6 Creekside, SE8 4SA

Artists: Flora Bradwell and Sylwia Narbutt.

Lilith has many guises and incarnations. Her image and her reputation have been pulled apart, dissected, distorted and the crumbs have been scattered throughout cultural history. In Juggling Lilith’s Crumbs, artists Flora Bradwell and Sylwia Narbutt present six new works exploring the complex character of Lilith and notions of personal identity. By playfully merging fantastical, everyday and archival imagery Bradwell and Narbutt present a contemporary reimagining of Lilith as an icon of power and resistance to patriarchal expectations of women.

Open 24/7 throughout festival.

Opening: Fri 21 Sept - 18:00 - 20.00

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This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Images courtesy of the artists.