Grandson Tristan Scutt & Grandson Matt Sargent

Little Nan's Deptford Bar

Little Nan's Bar, Arches 13-14, Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX

Grandson Tristan (Goldsmiths MA alumni) is an artist, promoter and loyal Deptford resident who designed the bar to reminisce his late Little Nan JoJo's front room who passed away aged 103 years old. Much of the objects in the bar were his Nan's and also topped up with heirlooms from Deptford Market, and gifts that Customers and Friends have brought in. The bar is built with Love. Grandson Matt Sargent is a artist and upholstery expert, he created the Light up arch sculpture piece (Known as the Arch of Dreams) and all the fabric works in the bar. Little Nan's Bar is multi award winning for both the installation interiors and the experiences she creates with drinking cocktails from Tristan's Nans very own teapots & vases.

Mon–Fri 15.00–23.00
Sat 12.00–23.00
Sunday 12.00–22.00

Wheelchair accessible

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