David Steans

David Steans was nominated for Platform 2018 by Bryony Bond.

David Steans’ multi-media practice encompasses written fiction, moving image, performance, installation and sound. He employs the blurring of fact and fiction as a creative and critical method, and takes a cue from broadly postmodern approaches to narrative and storytelling in contemporary art, literature and moving image media. References and influences include: 'realist horror'; heritage tourism; 'special effects'; and niche cultural forms such as the 'making of' documentary, the 'custom' video, the 'gamebook', the ‘artist's novel’ and fan fiction.

Bryony Bond:
David’s work feels strangely achronistic, by which I specifically mean without time. It doesn’t feel wildly fashionable, which I think is a good thing, and it is strangely obsessed with the ancient past, with story-telling and myth, not to mention Wetherspoons pubs (although I think Brexit may have had an impact on that particular obsession). David also just does things – performances, films, writing. He created the character of a food critic, whose persona was slowly revealed in a series of restaurant reviews released over a number of years. David resurrected the character to write about a dinner devised by another artist at The Tetley (thetetley.org); the resultant article cleverly mimicked the language of the food critic in a wry take on art. Funny, smart and irreverent.

David Steans is based in Leeds. He studied at Leeds Beckett University (2004-2007), and was a participant in the founding year of The School of the Damned (2014). 

David Steans:
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