Daniela White


Festa sul Prato, Cafe-Restaurant-Pavillion, Folkestone Gardens,
222 Trundleys Rd, SE8 5JE

The architecture of the city is being transformed and with it the sense of identity and belonging
of the people who live and work there.

Daniela uses photography to interrogate and document the rapid expansion of dynamic
new architectural environments. The play of geometric forms, space, light and rigid structures
underscore the compositions. There is a sense of celebration and awe in the portrayal of the
physical structures, but also a reflection on the packaging of cuboid space.
The human experience is being re-scaled in this new, contemporary sublime. The images
are manipulated, cropped or montaged to create a personal viewpoint which focuses on
visual language and abstraction.

Tue–Wed 10.00–18.00
Thu–Fri 10.00–22.00
Sun 10.00–18.00

Opening: 6 Sep from 18.00
Special Event: Sat 23 Sep 16.00 in the Designers Park, Folkestone Gardens

Wheelchair accessible

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Image credits: Daniela White, ACTIVATING THE FUTURE