DX Gallery

9 Brookmill Road, London, SE8 4HL

DX Gallery was run by Deptford X as part of its year-round programme of exhibitions, events, residencies and off-site projects. The gallery has now been converted into three new studios, forming part of the Brookmill Studios complex managed by Deptford X. The gallery operated between 2016 and January 2018. All the exhibitions are archived below.

DX Gallery championed emerging curators, giving them the opportunity to realise an ambitious public installation in the space.

The gallery stretched for 20 metres alongside the pavement at the northern end of Brookmill Road, which connects Deptford Bridge with Lewisham, and is lined with queueing traffic almost constantly each day.

Previous exhibitions:

Making Love With The Things I Hate: 24 Nov 2017 – 15 Jan 2018

Scopophilia: 12 Oct – 05 Nov 2017

Tonic Immobility: 20 May – 23 Jun 2017

Watching A Strange Theatre: 21 Apr – 12 Mar 2017

Shahmaran: 17 Mar – 14 Apr 2017

Lunch Break: 29 Jul – 27 Aug 2016