Chao-tze Liu

Look at the view

THE ORIENT, 13A Deptford High St, SE8 4AD

Curated by: Junsheng Zhou

The orient, a relatively geographic noun which suggests a mysterious, dangerous, exotic, and ambiguous world. And it is an ambiguous word that doesn't really tell where the place is. A landscape, is the visible features of an area of land. When one gives an invitation to tell someone to look at a landscape or a view, is an invitation not to look at any specific things, but ‘to ignore all particulars in favour of an appreciation of a total gestalt.’ It’s actually about how you see things.

In The Orient, you are invited to a trip to the East, you may come hypnotised by the exotic and dreamy waterfall landscape,  have a (perhaps more than one) delicious Chinese cuisine, or just purely enjoy the space of hospitality.

Fri 22 Sep to Sun 01 Oct 12.00–22.00, except Tue 26 Sep.

The artist will share a dish (shown on the restaurant menu only). Serving from 12:00 –22:00. 

Wheelchair accessible

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Image credits: 
Look At The View, 2017
Absolute Exotic, 2016
All images courtesy of the artist