Catherine Wynne-Paton

Lost Library:  1 Day 1000 Words

A mobile performance around Deptford and New Cross library

The one-day live-art piece by Catherine Wynne-Paton consists of a catalogue of words, the artist, in and around the New Cross Learning Centre and the twittersphere (tweet @wynnepaton using the hashtag #lostlibrary).  It is inspired by the idea of a world divided by individual’s permission to access to text (or not, according to birth; are you a textual or a physical?)  The rapidly changing public library service in the UK means what we’d thought of as necessary and a public right has now come into question.  

Using the giving of one-word upon joining this lost library to represent the loan of a whole book or use of another library service, Wynne-Paton makes the session a little awkward by remaining mute.  Yet this is an apt gesture and leads to interrogating the wider public service cuts we’re experiencing, in these cuts are we losing our voices?

A mobile one-person library based in and near New Cross Learning Library
Sat 30 Sep 12.00–18.00

Wheelchair accessible

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Image credits: Scarlett Mosnier and Catherine Wynne-Paton