Rosalind Davis and Justin Hibbs

Border Controls

no format gallery, Arch 29, Rolt St, London SE8 5JB

‘Artistic production is nodal, networked, and a perpetually unfinished project, things nudging each other, domino effects transpiring. The real-world analogue of this is that in an artist’s studio, it’s always a transitional moment: the detached artwork as standalone statement is a falsity, a piece of theatre. In reality, one thing leads to another, all kinds of ambient forces shaping what’s made’ (Martin Herbert from the text ‘Between Before and After’ to accompany Justin Hibbs Exhibition ‘Alias Re-Covered’ Carroll/Fletcher 2015).

Within the shadow of increasingly restricted borders and political control, regarding migration and the increasing isolationism seen both here in the UK (with Brexit) as well as the wider geographical concerns in Europe and America, Border Controls is an exhibition featuring two artists who engender a sense of permeable boundary and threshold. The personal and political dimensions of art-making and authorship can be seen as pertinent to wider social concerns and questions that address the dynamics of power, autonomy and control:

Does power reside in imposing control or is it defined by allowing other voices in? Can ceding control to plurality of authorship become generative / empowering?  Where and how do we draw boundaries and what might constitute a border less work? Can an enriched society exist within a context of fixed boundaries, confines and limitations?

Thurs, Fri & Sat 20 - 22 Sept 14:00 - 19.00, Fri 28 Sept 14:00 - 19.00, Sat 29 Sept 14:00 - 20:30 or by appointment.

Opening: Thurs 20 Sept 17:00 - 20:30
Lates: Fri 21 Sept 14:00 - 20:30
Closing event - Artists in conversation with Richard Ducker: Sat 29 Sept 18.00 - 20:30

Davis and Hibbs are artists who have collaborated informally for several years. These collaborations have centred around shared themes, overlapping research interests and ongoing conversations into one another’s practices and curatorial projects. Both have independent careers but also are a couple who share a studio, where the inevitable questions arise about how and where to set boundaries. For their exhibition at no format gallery, Davis and Hibbs create an installation that brings together multiple strands of their practices into direct dialogue with one other. Within the parameters of the gallery neither artists work can be negotiated without experiencing reflections of the other within them. Borders cross, flux, overlap and break down within a mirrored landscape which is both disorienting and transformative.

 No Format Gallery
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Rosalind Davis:
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Justin Hibbs:
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This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Image 1 courtesy of Rosalind Davis. Image 2 courtesy of Justin Hibbs.