Anne Verheij & Miku Tsuchiya


Deli X, 156 Deptford High Street, SE8 3PQ

In ONES VANISHING POINT the audience is drawn into a world of strong visual movement, where we lose our sense of gravity and direction. The inseparable relationship between the interior and exterior is tested. The 7-minute video installation dives under the skin of brutalist architecture where echoes of mankind linger.

Mon – Fri 09.00–18.30
Sat 09.00–18.00

Wheelchair accessible

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Acknowledgements: Thank you to Deli X

Images credits:
Anne Verheij, ONES VANISHING POINT, 2017
Anne Verheij, Echoes, 2017
Anne Verheij, Humming, 2017

This project received one of 12 Deptford X Fringe Mini-Bursaries.