The Duke, 125 Creek Road, SE8 3BU

Deptford Does Art presents three individual shows over three venues across Deptford under an umbrella name TRIANGLE III. Artists Jennifer Anne Brown’s art installation ‘People are Trees, Trees are people’; Andy Denial’s city scape exhibition ‘Nocturnal’ and Fatma-Smileyhusayin’s ‘Water is Life’ exhibition exploring the relationship of water and it’s effects. All three shows bring a unique perspective into the world of photography and its use to capture the world around us. 

Through Andy Denail's work the viewer can immerse themselves in Nocturnal London, observing the changing rhythm of the city through a different lens.
The images, taken between dusk and dawn, capture a city in slumber, often overlooked by the daily commuter, city dweller or tourist. Nocturnal London captures the moment of calm before the infinite possibilities of a new day.

Curated by Deptford Does Art.

Mon - Sun 12:00 - 20:00

Opening: Fri 21 Sept 18:00 - 21:00

Deptford Does Art:
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Andy Denial:
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This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Acknowledgements: Deptford does Art.

Image courtesy of Andy Denial.