Deptford Art & Gentrification Walk

Meet at 1pm inside Deptford Railway Station, Deptford High Street SE8 3NU

Join us for an afternoon of discussions on the relationship between art and gentrification and the changes that are currently sweeping through Deptford. We will visit community spaces, galleries, studios and landmarks on a walk along the streets, waterways, green spaces and new developments. We will meet local residents, artists, curators and activists to hear about their experiences of displacement and how they are resisting or overcoming the displacement of communities and the shrinking of public and creative spaces.

Do artists have a measure of responsibility in the process of gentrification and what can they do to resist the successive waves of change that inevitably lead to their own displacement? How can local residents regain some control over the rapid changes in their environment and the impact on their lives? Come along to share your own stories and contribute to the discussion.

For more information, the itinerary and a map of the route please visit artandcritique.uk. Maps will be available on the day.

Curated by Sophia Kosmaoglou & Paul Clayton.

Sat 29 Sept 13:00 - 18:00

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Many of the venues on this walk are accessible but some venues are not, please get in touch with Sophia via the links above if you require more information.

Image credits: Ruth Gilbert and Darshana Vora.